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  1. How much does it cost to play on the Quad City Heat?
  2. Where does the Quad City Heat play?
  3. Where does the Quad City Heat get their players?
  4. There are sooo many Quad City teams, what is different/better about the Quad City Heat?
  5. How do I become a part of the organization?
  6. How many teams are in the organization?
  7. Where are the home fields for the Quad City Heat?

How much does it cost to play on the Quad City Heat?

The Quad City Heat feels that they have the best financial system in the Quad Cities. The individual is only responsible for $200 and 2 fundraisers that will go towards the Quad City Heat organization. This money helps pay for, but not limited to: field care of their 3 diamonds, umpires for MVBL league, game baseballs for the teams, league fees, outhouses for the 3 diamonds, insurance, entry fee into the State and World Series tournaments, coach's outfits, team's traveling banners, organizational posters, fall tryout advertising, QC Bronco Fall baseball league entry, and more. Players/teams also get free paid tournaments that the Quad City Heat hosts. This saves each players around $150 dollars a year.

The player is then responsible for their own uniform costs, tournament costs, indoor facility costs, and team equipment. This allows for each team to decide the monetary decisions based on the teams needs. Players can also re-use uniform items multiple years to eliminate costs for 2nd year, 3rd year, etc players. This also allows parents to see what their money is going towards.

NOTE: We had one parent play on a state championship 11u major team that played 11 weekends in a row, played 52 games, and their individual cost was only just a little over $500.00, far smaller than most organizations and teams. Some other larger organizations (Sticks - Des Moines costs around $1500 per player, Mac n Seitz - Kansas City costs around $2000 per player)

We generally state the the fees for a new player is going to be around $750 and for a returning player $650.

Players may fundraiser or get sponsors to pay for all fees associated with the Quad City Heat, which has been done many times before.

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Where does the Quad City Heat play?

During the week from the end of April to the end of June, the Heat plays two games during the week (Monday—Thursday), one game at one of our home fields in Davenport, and the other at the opposing teams home field, mainly in the Quad City Metro area.  Occasionally games during the week are played in Muscatine or Clinton as teams are based out of there as well.  For most weekend tournaments, the tournaments are played locally but some of our teams have played in tournaments in Des Moines, Chicago, Cedar Rapids, Iowa City just to name a few. Every team plays in the state tournament in Des Moines and may elect to go to nationals.

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Where does the Quad City Heat get their players?

The teams in our organization are comprised of players from all over.  We allow players from both Illinois and Iowa to play on our teams and players have come from as far as Muscatine, Iowa (30 miles)  Maquoketa, Iowa (45 miles), Washington, Iowa (75 miles) Geneseo, Illinois (30 Miles), Coleta, Illinois (70 miles), and Morris, Illinois (120 Miles)

As you can see we are not limited to players just from a specific area and may have players from as far away as players and parents are willing to come get the Heat experience. 

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There are so many teams in the Quad Cities. What makes the Quad City Heat different/better?

Over the past decade, the Quad City Heat has distiguished itself as one of the Midwest’s premier organizations, putting the first 2 teams from Iowa in the prestgous USSSA Elite World Series and winning more USSSA state titles than any Iowa or Illinois organization.

Our success stems from the athletes, parents, and coaches combined. We look for athletes that have a strong competitive spirit and a desire to master the game. We look for parents that are supportive. Our coaches are very knowledgable. Many were standout baseball players themselves and have many years of coaching youth or have coached high school. We also have a few teams headed up by coaches that have no children on the team...thats right, they are coaching because they love it and are serious about it.

We also give the teams a lot of the power, determining the tournaments, practice schedule, etc. We understand that some teams have different goals and we give the teams the power to reach those goals the best way they feel is possible.

Again, we are also one of the lowest priced competitive baseball organizations around. In the end, baseball is baseball, but for what we offer, the coaches we have, the beautiful diamonds we call our home fields, the Quad City Heat is by far the BEST BALL FOR THE DOLLAR, GUARANTEED!


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How do I become a part of the organization?

If you want to bring in a whole team or just a player you may contact the president of the league with your name and more detailed information or if you would like to join a specific team then e-mail that coach with your detailed information.  Or the third way to make it on a team is to join us at our yearly tryouts, held in August.  We select the teams after tryouts but are always willing to look at more players and bring in teams to our organization. 

We allow full to partial teams to become a Quad City Heat team. We can help fill your team with quality players. Contact us if you are interested.

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How many teams are there in the organization?

We currently have 9 teams in the organization.  The teams are ages 8&Under to 14&Under.  The ages of the players currently in our organization range from 7 years to 14 years of age. 

All ages are based as of April 31st, 2013.

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Where are the home fields for the Quad City Heat located?

The Quad City Heat is based out of Davenport, Iowa.  They are proud to be the 1st and longest running competitive baseball organization from Davenport.  They will have 3 diamonds in Davenport for the 2011 season, Knights Field, Lingle Field, and Jefferson Ballpark

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