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Are you a Heat player??

Quad City Heat Baseball proves to be one of the most successful youth baseball programs around! We have won many state titles (more than any Iowa or Illinois organization) and have won many local tournaments at the elite level.

We are looking for players who have the same dreams and aspirations as our past players. We are looking for a player who has a sense of history and who wants to be a part of a special legacy. You will be playing with great players, gaining exposure at all levels. You will have a coaching staff that will work hard to help you reach your maximum potential. It is our mission to develop our players to the next level and higher. We have had many players that have gone through the Quad City Heat program make their high school varsity team as a freshman as well have had many players play college baseball.

Many players and families approach our club for the wrong reasons, looking for an easy way to succeed. We are looking for players who have the physical ability to succeed andthose players wanting to develop and reach their highest level. We are looking for players that will be committed to us as we are to them. The greatest accomplishment you can give a player is the drive to work hard and the desire to win. Does this fit you or your son? If so, you might be Heat material.

We look forward to adding another successful season to our belt. Our teams are based on the AA, AAA, and Major Levels for ages 8U - 14U.

Exciting things are happening this coming season, don't miss the opportunity to be part of something BIG!




We are pleased that you are interested in becoming a member of the 2016 Quad City Heat Baseball Club.  Below is the information and times when we will be having our open tryouts.  The tryouts are open to anyone from Iowa or Illinois, with no distance or boundary restricting.  We are having 3 days for players to tryout if they feel that they did not perform as well as they could have on the first 2, and to better accommodate the family's schedule.  We insist that you come to at least 2 tryouts but only need to make 1.  For the last 4 years, the Quad City Heat has grown faster than any other organization in the Quad City Metro area.  For our tryouts, we are looking for players that want more instruction, more competition, and an overall advanced game, all while having a team-first attitude along with showing desire and dedication to master the game at the player's fullest potential.  At our tryouts, some things the coaches may do but are not limited to are; taking radar of the pitcher's speed, recording running times, introducing drills to see how fast players pick up new things and listen, defensive drills, catcher drills, live practice, etc.


For the 2016 season, we are looking to field 1 - 7 year old team, 1 - 8 year old team, 2 - 9 year old teams, 2 - 10 year old teams, 2 - 11 year old teams, 1 - 12 year old team, 2 - 13 year old teams, and 1 - 14 year old team.


WE ARE NEEDING PLAYERS AT EVERY AGE LEVEL and require all kids (even players that played for the Heat last season) to tryout again so that all kids have a fair chance of making the team.


If you have any questions about tryouts or would like a private tryout please feel free to contact us through e-mail or call us at 563-322-2670.


Thanks a lot and we look forward to seeing you out on the field!!



Address of tryouts - 4800 N Devils Glen Road Bettendorf, Iowa



We are still looking for a manager for the the 9U AA team! If interested please contact us immediatately at 563-370-9696


There is always an option to have a second team at most levels, however, having a coaching staff is the most difficult thing to gather and is the reason we do not have 2 teams at some levels. If you would like to be a coach of a second team at a certain age level please call Derek at 563-370-9696 immediately
















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